Thursday, March 7th, 4:30-5:30 CST. The Earth Partnership Indigenous Arts and Sciences Program (2 hours). Fawn YoungBear-Tibbetts, Indigenous Arts and Sciences Program, EPS Staff.Webinar on culturally relevant pedagogy. Native American children and all young people can benefit from understanding the contributions of Indigenous Arts and Sciences (IAS) and integrating them with western STEM concepts while restoring native ecosystems. Fawn will draw on the Indigenous cyclical process of information sharing, the Leopold Land Ethic and the practice of ecological restoration to develop an indigenous approach to schoolyard restoration education built on respect, responsibility and reciprocity. We hope that by engaging students at a higher level and making STEM curricula relevant, all students will have a rich understanding of their natural environment.

Presenter Bio
Fawn YoungBear-Tibbetts is an Anishinaabe descendent from the White Earth band of Minnesota Ojibwe, an alumna from the College of Menominee Nation, Sustainable Development Program and a current student in the department of Life Science Communications at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Fawn has worked for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum for the last seven years in a number of capacities. For the past three years she has worked specifically with the Earth Partnership for Schools program where she has been able to share her traditional knowledge of plants and passion for the environment while teaching at EPS Institutes. Currently she is working with the EPS Indigenous Arts and Sciences Program which is based on a pattern of core values including relationships, reciprocity, respect, and responsibility. The goal of the IAS Program is to develop an Indigenous Arts and Sciences Curriculum and professional network for tribal and non-tribal partners to access.
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Fawn teaching a group from the American Indian Center in Chicago

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