Thursday, April 11th, 4:30-5:30 Central Time. Motivating Students as Stewards—Informing your Community to Protect Local Watersheds (2 hours). Robin Goettel, Associate Director of Education, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Program and University of Illinois.Webinar on creative strategies to engage youth in learning, research, and community involvement that will help create sustainable ecosystems. Based on successful Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant projects with educators, we’ll look at model student stewardship projects that have informed their communities about critical action steps to protect waterways. Environmental issues will include reducing contaminants in waterways through sensible disposal of unwanted medicine and preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species to maintain biodiversity.

Presenter Bio
Robin Goettel has coordinated four award-winning national and regional curriculum projects on aquatic invasive species. Currently, she leads a service-learning education project involving students in community partnerships that lead to the safe disposal of unwanted medicine. As Associate Director for Education with the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Program, she conducts teacher workshops and develops curriculum collections that address Great Lakes content and related regional aquatic issues. She also created “Nab the Aquatic Invader,” a nationally-focused Website featuring classroom activities and stewardship projects on aquatic/marine invaders. Robin is a Principal Investigator on a Great Lakes B-WET project and also a newly-funded US EPA project, The Center for Great Lakes Literacy, which provides numerous opportunities for teacher training and student field-based watershed experiences that serve to protect and restore the Great Lakes system.
Robin with students from Niños Heroes Elementary School in Chicago

Webinar Readings - please read before the webinar
  1. Community Stewardship Projects on Exotic Aquatic Species--student stewardship projects (after clicking this hyperlink, click download to open document)
  2. A Blog post on student stewardship projects related to sensible disposal of pharmaceuticals and personal care products
  3. Great Lakes Literacy Principles—Familiarize by reading the third column and then clicking on each of the 8 Great Lakes Literacy principles
  4. (Classroom Stewardship Project Contest on safe disposal of unwanted medicines and personal care products)

  5. (A Sample Preliminary Action Plan written by a teacher to involve students in preventing spread of aquatic invasive species)

Webinar Recording
To view this webinar, click here.

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