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University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate Course
Curriculum & Instruction 630—Workshop in School Program Development
Earth Partnership for Schools, Spring 2013

The purpose of this course is to provide support for teachers who have participated in Earth Partnership institutes or who are interested in doing so in the future. Teachers will be energized to provide outdoor learning experiences that connect students with their home environment. In order to accomplish this goal, the course has two components: (1) activities for local teachers to be run independently by EPS partners across the Upper Midwest, and (2) shared learning experiences through webinars that link educators across partner sites. Webinars explore topics such as the importance of outdoor learning experiences, using interactive Google Maps, and the EPS indigenous arts and sciences program. Teachers will build community through face-to-face interactions and collaborative online discussions.

This "wiki space" will be used to provide information about webinars for all of our regional partners; each partner site will in turn have their own way to communicate with course participants at the local level. Currently, the course is being offered in several locations in Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Madison, Richland Center, and Ashland), as well as other locations across the Great Lakes (Detroit, Thunder Bay (MI), Cleveland, and Erie), with presenters from each of those states as well as from the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Institute.

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